The Program

Little Groovers offers in-house Kindergarten dance program with an aim to encourage the joys of dance and music in toddlers and pre-schoolers. Lessons are specifically created to promote musical appreciation, rhythm, co-ordination, fitness, body awareness, social skills and most of all fun. Children learn basic dance disciplined behaviours such as waiting, taking turns, following instructions, working together and having a positive attitude. The emphasis is more on creativity and enjoyment and not so much on technique.

A variety of props and music are used which are popular and familiar to pre-schoolers to create a fun and exciting atmosphere. Lessons consist mainly of Jazz with an introduction to Classical Ballet.

Classes are held weekly, are a half hour in duration and are appropriate for both girls and boys. Children will learn 4-5 Routines in an approximate 10 week cycle which will then be displayed in costume to family and friends.

Tiny Groovers & Boys Only Classes

Depending on the interest in the centre Little Groovers holds a Tiny Groovers class. This is a class specifically designed for the younger age group within a childcare centre (2-3yrs) or depending on enrolments sometimes a Boys only class can be also offered.


Two times a year a small concert is held at the kindergarten where the children perform routines and exercises they have been doing in class. This builds confidence & self esteem being able to dance in front of family and friends and parents can also see their child’s progress. We understand parents are not present when their child is at kindergarten & do not see what they are doing in class, so this a great way for parents to see what their child is learning.

They are provided with a costume and are lots of fun!!


Classes are $10 per lesson and are billed by the Term. Part payments are available on request.


This class will now also be offered at Elanora Primary School Performing Arts Hall Monday & Thursday 3:15pm – 3:45pm and Friday 3:15 -4:00pm(Jazz,Tap,Ballet)

Contact Us:

PHONE: 07 5667 7441     
MOBILE: 0431 960 163