Creative Dance

Little Groovers at your childcare centre

Little Groovers offers an in-house kindergarten dance program with an aim to encourage the joys of dance and music in toddlers and pre-schoolers. Lessons are specifically created to promote musical appreciation, rhythm, co-ordination, fitness, body awareness, social skills and most of all fun. Children learn basic dance disciplined behaviours such as waiting, taking turns, following instructions, working together and having a positive attitude. The emphasis is more on creativity and enjoyment and not so much on technique.

A variety of props and music are used which are popular and familiar to pre-schoolers to create a fun and exciting atmosphere. Lessons consist mainly of jazz with an introduction to classical ballet.

Classes are held weekly, are a half hour in duration and are appropriate for both girls and boys. Children will learn 4-5 routines in an approximate 10-week cycle which will then be displayed in costume to family and friends.

Tiny Groovers and boys only classes

Depending on the interest in the centre, Little Groovers holds a Tiny Groovers class. This is a class specifically designed for the younger age group within a childcare centre (2-3yrs) or depending on enrolments sometimes a boys only class can be also offered.


Twice a year, a small concert is held at the kindergarten where the children perform routines and exercises they have learned in class. It builds confidence and self-esteem among the children when they dance in front of family and friends, and also parents can see their child’s progress.

Children are provided with a costume and the concerts are lots of fun!


Classes are $12 per lesson and are billed by the term. Part payments are available on request.


This class will now also be offered at Elanora Primary School Performing Arts Hall Mondays 3:15pm – 4pm.